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"I have a passion for storytelling. Whether sharing true events in a news setting or on stage, film and TV as entertainment.

I’ve been dedicated to crafting engaging stories to delight, challenge and inform audiences for thirty years. And I’m just getting started."


Mike Bencivenga is an award winning writer/director in theater, film and television. His full-length plays include SINGLE BULLET THEORY, COUPLETS,BILLY & RAY, SUMMER ON FIRE, BAD HEARTS,MINUET ON THIRD, WASTED DAYS,COMPROMISED and TALK OF THE TOWN. On film Mike has won honors for his work as writer/director of the feature films LOSERS IN LOVE and HAPPY HOUR. In addition he's authored numerous original screenplays, television pilots and is an Emmy award winning editor/producer at WABC-TV in New York.

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